Python 3


Welcome to Python 3 !

The Python language is widely used today, being very popular, easy to learn and use. Unlike other programming languages, Python is understood very quickly, right from the start. Whether or not you have experience in programming with Python 3, this online free course is created for you.
Free online course
Below you can find the link to the list of our free interactive lessons, for any Python 3 beginner programmer:
Mobile friendly

You can access this free course from anywhere and from any device you want, our Python 3 programming environment is integrated and optimized for mobile. You don't need to install any additional software, just learn. For example, you can use our online Python console or editor:
Kids love Python 3!

The interactive online free course follows the curriculum and can be used in any educational cycle as an introduction to the Python 3 programming language for students.

The information presented is optimized in size and the emphasis is on frequent interaction with the user. The evaluation of the exercises and problems proposed in this course is real-time and each contains interactive feedback.

Unlike other languages, Python 3 has simplified syntax so you can write code much easier! It is perfect for beginners and friendly for children at any ages. Modern students learn Python!
About us
The Python 3 online courses offered by our academy are intensive, to the point and practical. Our collaborators are people dedicated to the educational process, with extensive pedagogical experience and authors of awarded textbooks approved by the ministry.